одежда 2016

одежда 2016

модные прически весной

Our friends have been illegally arrested In the morning of July, 29 antifascist Alexei Gaskarov was called in for a conversation to the local Internal Affairs Department.  From there he was passed on to Extremism Department officers and taken away in the unknown destination. Most of the regulations of the law that determines the operation policy for the police have been violated. No relatives have been informed, no notice has been served to state the fact of the arrest. That very evening antifascist Maxim Solopov has been called in for a conversation by Okhotny Ryad metro station after the “Russian News Service” radio broadcast. Maxim has come to the meeting spot but no conversation has taken place. He was handed into a car and brought to Khimki. At night flats of Gaskarov and Solopov have been searched. Alexei Gaskarov’s flat was searched with no warrant and due papers being provided, without assets being listed and with no attesting witness. We clearly understand why this were Alexei and Maxim who got arrested. They are well known in public and are taking responsibility for being publicly open. They never concealed their views, appeared both in press and on the radio. They got arrested being the only antifascists well known to the police. Now the police is under pressure from the administration of the president, that’s why at least someone needed to be arrested. As Alexei’s and Maxim’s faces are known to the police and mass media this would have been too stupid of them to take part in violent actions. We clearly understand that to ask for the guys to be released is to cry for the moon no matter how hard we long for it. We appeal for the legitimacy although this institution in our country is being defied by the guardians of law themselves. We demand that the legal procedure against our friends is not turned into demonstrative judicatory. We urge that mass media is allowed access to the procedure. We demand that your laws are being observed by yourselves. We know that the truth is ours and we will break through. On July, 31 the first closed judicial session took place in Khimki. Nobody was allowed in. The building was surrounded by bunches of riot police officers, water cannon trucks with also a number of ambulances and police cars around. After 48 hours of the guys being detained, the charge should have been brought against Alexei and Maxim today but they still haven’t been accused and the judicial session has been postponed until Tuesday, August, 3 being qualified by the judge as a “tough” one. It has also come to light that their protocols state that the guys were detained on the crime site which contravenes to the original police statement which read that no one was arrested after the incident. This gives evidence that the cases are being invented. We’re disturbed by the way the procedures are progressing and would appreciate any international support. WHAT CAN YOU DO NOW? 1. Send protest letters or make calls to the following addresses and phone numbers: Moscow Region Prosecutor’s Office Malyi Kiselnyi per., d. 5 107031 Moscow Russian Federation news@mosoblproc.ru Khimki Prosecutor’s Office ul. Mayakovskogo, d. 30 141400 Khimki, Moscow Region Russian Federation +7 (495) 571-6235 Khimki Department of Internal Affairs (current location of detainees) ul. Gogolia, d. 6 141400 Khimki, Moscow Region Russian Federation +7 (495) 572-0202  (Duty Officer) +7 (495) 572-1209 (Administrative Office) 2. Submit protest letters to the Russian Federation embassy or consulate in your area or, better yet, organize protest actions demanding the immediate release of Maxim Solopov and Alexei Gaskarov. 3.  Send an online letter to the Russian president . 4. Distribute this information as widely as possible. Campaign Facebook Page:  Freedom for Russian antifascists Alexei Gaskarov & Maxim Solopov! 5. Now the funds are being raised for the lawyers and your help would be critical here.

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